Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Baby Sock Patterns

In case there is more than one person wondering, I have decided to post an answer to a couple of questions from yesterday's comments:

"Is kids, kids, kids a book?"

Yes, the book "Kids, Kids, Kids:[40 winning designs from the Knitter's magazine contest]" was my source for the pattern for the eyelet baby sweater.

"Would you be willing to share your pattern for the socks and booties?"

My "pattern" for the socks and booties is quite cut and dried. Originally, I just jotted down quick notes about stitch counts and lengths between increases. I have it written down well enough now that I will be able to follow it as a pattern in the future, but it does rely on my knowledge of a few techniques gleaned from various sources. I don't mind sharing it with anyone who asks, but it would require familiarity with several concepts.

The basic starting point of the socks and booties I learned from the "Magic Loop Booklet." In the booklet there is a pattern for baby socks. The blue baby socks are done exactly as written in that pattern using "Fixation" cotton/lycra yarn. The variegated pink socks are a slight variation in that I cast off using the "Picot Cast Off" as outlined in "The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques" by Nancie M. Wiseman.

The "Magic Loop Booklet" goes into great detail which I just cannot equal without violating copy write laws. Things like "figure 8 cast on", the "magic loop technique", the short row heel, and the method of increasing for a toe-up sock are all covered. My pattern does not cover these details as a previous knowledge of these techniques is assumed.

Once you have knit the basic baby sock from the booklet and understand the above concepts, I would be happy to share my original patterns for the "Baby Work Sock" and the "Eyelet Cuffed Booties". The work sock has one additional technique to understand. It uses a "Peasant Heel".

Anyone wishing these patterns for personal use or having further questions can contact me by leaving a message in the comment section and including their email address.


Amanda said...

I love those baby work socks!! They remind me of the 'sock monkey' puppets..or at least the socks the monkies are made out from. I would love to use your pattern for some of my nieces and nephews!

Marlene said...

Amanda if you would like the pattern I will need your email address. If you feel uncomfortable leaving your email address here you can contact me through private messaging on the Knitters Review board.

Amanda said...

Marlene, my email is aaswanson(at)gmail(dot)com...thanks!!

Zing said...

Thanks for posting a picture of your baby socks. I also use "fixation" for my baby socks. I love it. I have the magic loop book but it was seemed kind of complicated to me- I bought it to try knitting 2 socks at one time. Next time I will take the plunge and try that technique.I have my last pair posted at my blog. Again thanks for sharing.Your work is lovely. :-) Linda