Tuesday, February 08, 2005

An Evening Of Finishing

I spent most of yesterday working on the cabled baby hoodie.

It took all evening to get the finishing done. In my opinion, a lot of the more tedious finishing work could have been eliminated by a few pattern modifications. The sleeves could have been knit in the round....eliminating the sleeve seams. The body could have been done in one piece....doing away with the side seams. The shoulders could have been done with short row shaping and a three needle bind off.....rather than sewn later. The stitches for the hood could have been picked up along the neckline rather than sewing the hood on later. The seams in the top of the hood would not have been necessary if the stitches on the sides of the hood had been left "live" to be bound off together with the top of the hood while it was being knit, in much the same way as a "saddle shoulder" shaping.

All modifications to consider if I ever knit it again.

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Maggie Ann said...

What a beautiful sweater. I love the cables. Years ago I knitted a vest with a cable pattern and it was fun to do. We used to have a knit shop not to far from us and while our daughter was at orchestra practise I would go and "learn". She couldn't wait to get knitting too. I will never forget how skilled those women at the shop were. Like you, they would often take measurements and just be able to custom "make" us a pattern. Beautiful job Marlene !!