Monday, August 02, 2004

10 inches.

I've reached the 10 inch mark on the front of the Twisted Rib Tank. It's easy but boring knitting that goes well with excessive television watching. It was so hot yesterday that I didn't feel much like doing anything but sitting and knitting with the television droning on in the background. Today I need to strive for a little more balance. Perhaps some housework tossed in with all the knitting?


Anonymous said...

I idly conidering housework toady too, but decided against it - if the family come home and find the house clean, they'll want it more often! ;)


Anonymous said...

I also considered typing lessons. :)

Michelle said...

Ack, don't break the knitting monotony with housework! It breaks the rhythm! ;D

Marlene said...

Donna, you are absolutely right about the housework. When it is done regularly no one notices or appreciates it.

Michelle, I find the rythmn of knitting (and weaving) very relaxing. Somehow I don't get that same pleasure from pushing a vacuum to and fro.

You'll both be happy to know that I only did a little laundry, quick cleaned a bathroom, and then dusted before that crazy "must do housework" feeling passed and I picked up my knitting again.