Thursday, August 12, 2004

Crafter's Horoscope

Does this sound like a horoscope custom designed with a crafter in mind? This is my custom horoscope for today, exactly as written, straight from Astrocenter.

"It is time once and for all to tie up all those loose ends of projects left undone. Much as you may dread it, think of it this way, MARLENE: by completing these tasks you clear space for exciting new projects to come your way. Know that all bodes well today for all things financial and professional. Perhaps you'll get that bonus that's been due you!"

My house guests are on their way today so I will likely put my feet up and focus on crafting for most of the day. Whether it will be knitting or crocheting, I haven't decided. I have many "loose ends of projects left undone" in both crafts!

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