Friday, August 20, 2004

27th Anniversary

Today is our 27th anniversary and my wonderful husband brought me these:

and took me out for a lovely dinner.

The doily in the picture is one that I crocheted over 20 years ago.

Did I get the grocery shopping done yesterday? Well.....not entirely. I went to a department store, bread outlet, butcher, and produce market, but no grocery store. Luckily the places I DID go provided enough food for dinner and I decided I would go later for the rest......meaning "later in the day". Didn't happen. So, I postponed until today. Did I go today? No. Tomorrow. Yeah, that's it. I'll go tomorrow.


Maggie Ann said...

Hello Marlene, Happy 27th Anniversary to you. Your roses are beautiful. Wishing you many many more such happy occasions....I don't enjoy grocery shopping either, but although my husband doesn't think he does, I think he does. When I'm shopping by myself, I pick up things he wouldn't and that I do enjoy :-)

Michelle said...

Happy 27th Anniversary, Marlene! The roses are beautiful and so is the doily.

We used to grocery shop every Saturday. Now, it's every Sunday. Funny how we like food, but don't like to go buy it.