Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Back to knitting.

After that rather long break from knitting (almost two weeks?) to crochet the Rainbow Doily, I am back at knitting again. I've picked up the red Twisted Rib Tank again and last night finished the first "neck side" of the front. I usually knit both sides at once using seperate balls of yarn, but seeing as I am working from one large cone I have elected to do them individually this time. Everything looks good so far and I should be able to get the other "neck side" done tonight.

When I was blocking the Rainbow Doily I also finally took the time to block a little knitted doily I did a long time ago. It will likely be my first AND last knitted doily. I never was really too happy with this one and that is why it hid in the back of my closet for months. Here it is in all it's "ho-hum" glory. The colors are WAY off.......that background is actually a snow-white tablecloth!


kristo said...

Wow! I was wondering what that blue background was! (didn't remember ever seing that at your house) so, what color is the doily, really?

Anonymous said...

The doily is beige, but lighter than pictured. I tried using photoshop to lighten it, but it lost all detail in the process so I returned it to its original state.

Maggie Ann said...

This is pretty. Very delicate looking.