Monday, August 30, 2004

My Model

I've spent (tsk!...was going to say wasted) the entire morning over here at Land's End playing. I was doing fine...moderate amount of time spent looking at all the clothes that were so ME.....until I found the "my model" button. Well, there went the rest of the morning! I had so much fun "trying on" my various selections that I really lost track of time.

Well, I can't let all that time go to waste so, at the very least, I can show you my "finished outfit".

Note the accompanying Knitting Bag!

Now wouldn't it be GREAT if we could use the "my model" feature to try out potential knitting patterns......complete with yarn colors, substitutions and alterations! You know...get an idea of how the finished sweater will REALLY look on us.....and not some super thin, 6' tall model!


Maggie Ann said...

Marlene, I am intrigued with your Land's End model on your post. How did you do that?? if you don't mind me asking. Like copy and paste? If you find me a pest, just ignore me :-)....The virtual model is very interesting to play with and she seems to look good in everything. Thanks for sharing that site.

Marlene said...

I'm not sure what you mean Maggie Ann. Are you asking how to change the virtual model to look closer to what YOU look like? That is done by clicking on "my model" at the Land's End site, then "try model for women", then "personalize". You enter information about your height, weight and body type and suddenly the model looks so much worse (at least in my case!). I know that when I used my "personalized model" not everything looked great like it did on the default model.

If you were wondering how I got the picture onto my site, well.....once I had it "dressed" I right clicked and saved it to my computer then posted it to my online photohost (I use "Photobucket") and then linked to it in my blog.