Sunday, August 15, 2004

At the end of the Rainbow.

The Rainbow doily is completed. That last row took WAY longer than I expected. Although I didn't time myself I would say it was at least several hours! Complicating matters, every one of the three spools of blue thread ran out. I had even gone out and bought a fourth spool and it too ran out. In the final row I ended up taking a spool of Koban thread I had on hand (identical color) and reeling off three long lengths of thread and winding them individually on seperate empty spools, so that I could finish the row. That makes for lots of ends to sew in now.

So, for those embarking on this project, be sure you have enough thread. The first colors are fine, but by the time you work your way out to the longer rows you could very well need a lot more thread.

On another subject, this heat is truly getting unbearable! At 5:30am, the house had still not cooled from the previous day. That means that today's heat will be added to that which accumulated yesterday. I am getting crankier by the hour. I find myself longingly counting the days until Fall, hoping that come September the temperature will drop and I will be able to move about without basting in my own sweat!


Michelle said...

The doily must have been worth the extra thread and aggravation. It's stunning and I'm still planning on making one! [g]

I hope it cools down for you soon. My son lives in BC and he says it's been hot. Here in southern Ontario it's been cool and rainy.

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Marlene, congratulations on finishing your Rainbow Doily. I've yet to start mine. Maybe I won't make a full size one, I'm not sure yet. I am having gauge trouble with my knitting, I spent the whole day re-knitting 4 inch squares. I wish I had a knitting elf to help me for sure!! Aren't daughters wonderful ! Congratulations to her on the new job and all.