Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Batty visitor!

We had a bat flapping around INSIDE our house last night. Not once, but twice! I suspect that it never really left the first time, but hung around in the shadows for an hour or two only to reappear later. We were watching television in our basement and something fluttered in near the ceiling. Seeing it first out ot the corner of our eyes, we thought we were imagining things, but nope, there it was, a leathery looking little black bat!

I'm not afraid of bats, but really don't want to risk having the family or dog bitten. We thought that the bat had left when we opened a door for it, but it was discovered still flapping about the house as we were heading off to bed. THIS time we watched to be SURE it actually left.

I am sure that right about now, some readers have the impression that I live in a creaky, old house with broken windows and cobwebs everywhere......complete with musty old attic. I don't. Really! Our house is about as standard, late 1970's as it comes.......and we don't even have access to our shallow attic space. I think the bat may have flown in through a patio door that was left open unattended for a minute when the dog was being called.

In baking news, that big bowl of apples I posted a photo of yesterday has become two pies and an apple crisp. Gobbled down with Premium vanilla icecream, the apple crisp is already gone.

This little device, an "apple-peeler-slicer-corer" made short work of the eighteen cups of sliced apples needed.

On the knitting front, the lowered neckline of the Twisted Rib Tank is causing me a bit of confusion and grief. Failed efforts at trying to keep track of the decreases at both the armhole and neckline edges at the same time has had me doing a bit of frogging and tinking, but I think I have finally got it working right. One of the drawbacks of making your own patterns is having to do all the more complicated figuring yourself.


Maggie Ann said...

Hi Marlene, I enjoy reading your blog. I'll bet that bat caused some excitement. I would have been a wreck with a bat flying around. Your description of the cobwebby, creaky old house you don't have, was fun to read.....your apple-peeler-slicer-corer is very ! I really enjoy your pictures also. Thanks again for the help you gave me about blogging. Thanks to your help, I joined the Fiber Arts Bloggers and got their tag on my sidebar (totally thanks to you ) By the way, how did you learn to make your own patterns ? I am impressed :-) It is encouraging to me to follow your blog, and see the results of your projects.

Amie said...

Most bats are vegetarians, and their wings feel like the softest leather/suede you can imagine (at least they do when they rub up against your cheek in a fly-by -- ask me how I know!)

Marlene said...

Maggie Anne and Amie, did you know that because you have selected to keep your profile private, your name does not link to your blog when you leave comments? Usually, when someone makes a comment on my blog I make a point of visiting theirs. I can't do that with yours because I am taken to a screen that says you have elected to keep your profile private. This may be reducing the number of "hits" you get on your blog.

If you don't want private information splashed across the internet, you can just edit your profile to be sure that it doesn't contain any sensitive information. THAT way you can turn on the profile viewing option and more people will be directed to your blog.

Alternately, could you leave your blog address here so that I know where to visit you?

Maggie Ann said...

Marlene, I did as you suggested and opened my profile. It would be nice to have more hits on my blog. Thankyou for the advice. I noticed on the profile that it lists my other blog, Snapshots and Thoughts, and that is not supposed to be on there, just Knitting Kat.....oh well.