Monday, August 23, 2004

Magic Eraser

Here is the promised photo of the progress so far on the Twisted Rib Tank. I have completed the front piece and the back is now well on its way.

It was a strange weekend. Saturday I had energy to burn and not only got the dreaded grocery shopping done, but also washed floors, walls, cupboards and appliances. If you haven't already tried a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, I highly recommend it. Wow! It got my kitchen cabinets dazzlingly white again......and I thought they needed to be repainted!

Sunday was the exact opposite. I had taken a heavy duty muscle relaxant for back pain and it did me in. I slept most of the day and when I was up I was in a mental fog. Definately NOT worth the little bit of pain relief it gave me.

1 comment:

Amie said...

I was just this morning thinking about that magic eraser thing...

That tank looks HOT - what a color! Gorgeous!