Saturday, August 07, 2004

My Next Home

I plan to win this beautiful home, when I do I'll have a picture taken of me sitting in a comfy chair on the front deck, knitting and looking out on the ocean. Yes sir-ee, I'll post that photo on my blog when the time comes. Blow a little luck my way please. Can you imagine, with a house that size, how large my craft room will be?

I've added a few more rows to the Rainbow Doily. The yellow is finished and I am now well into the green color. It looks gorgeous. Each new color adds a spectacular new dimension to it. Last color up will be blue.

Michelle, I am using Mettler Metrosene thread. I really don't think it matters, any good sewing thread that is available in a pleasing range of colors would do. I have not used the colors suggested in the leaflet. The leaflet includes several pastel shades which I feel take away from the desired rainbow effect. I have chosen to stick entirely to bright, pure pastels, no muted colors......and I am taking the rainbow through all of its colors, from blue through violet, red, orange, yellow, green, and back to blue again.

Hmmm.....somewhere in this thread blending technique there is the potential for a knitting project of some kind. Maybe in fine gauge tencel or silk? I must give this some thought so that I can add yet another project to my "must do" list.


Anonymous said...

Hello Marlene, this is tamarabean from the KR boards. I just got a look at your 'painted' doily. I sit in awe. I used to crochet and was heavily into doilies, and though I've been saying lately that I probably will not be crocheting anymore I think your doily has inspired me to pick up crocheting again at LEAST so I can make doilies. Yes, doilies can be knitted but I'm not so sure I wanna tackle with that many needles THAT small. lol.. I also wanted to try that painted doily technique but I couldn't seem to find good thread that wouldn't run me broke. I'll have to research this more to find inexpensive options.
ThangQ for being an inspiration..


Michelle said...

Wow, that is some home! You could build your own little yarn store in there. LOL

Thanks for letting me know about the thread and I'd really love to know if you come up with something like this for knitting. That would be fantastic!

Marlene said...

Michelle, I was just telling my husband last night that I could redesignate the entire formal living room and dining room area for a yarn shop/craft store. We are not entertainers so have no need for such impractical rooms. Can you imagine the outrage in the neighbourhood when I hung out my store sign? Ah yes, with my refusal to conform, hob-nobbing with the aristocrats for a year would entertaining to say the least.

Marlene said...

Tamarabean, I completely agree about knitted doilies. Sure they can be knit, but why? I think crocheted doilies are just as effective (if not more-so) and are far easier to do. I love knitting AND crocheting, but each seems to have its place. I (generally) don't knit doilies, and don't crochet sweaters.