Friday, August 27, 2004

Whew! I made it.

I got ALL the way around the KR Blog ring in one sitting. I'm not sure if I should be proud or ashamed? Usually I just visit a few each day after I am finished adding to mine, but today I decided I had time to "do the route". "Doing a route" is a funny little phrase my mentally challenged daughter and her friends use to refer to riding an entire bus route for "fun".

I am still plodding away on the Twisted Rib Tank. At that fine gauge it takes hours of knitting to see much progress. I desperately want it finished. Our hot weather seems to have disappeared as quickly and as completely as if someone flicked the FALL SWITCH so my thoughts are turning from summer weather and tank-tops to chill-chasing sweaters. Next WIP to get intense time and attention will be the partially completed Bed and Breakfast Pullover. When that is complete I am treating myself to the Rogue hoodie.....done cardigan style. Check out Claudia's in her March 14, 2004 entry here.


Stephanie said...

Now, I keep planning to "do the route" also, but as I have already injured my wrist from excessive blog reading, I'm resisting the impulse. Also, folks like me don't post daily, so I know I can get through the next few on another day and not miss anything (thank goodness!). I also want to do a Rogue! It will have to wait until after my Gansay class however, as that is going to be a lot of knitting in a short period. So, maybe in November we can start a Rogue-a-long for those of us who didn't have time for it during the previous one? Thanks so much for posting the link to Claudia's Rogue. I didn't realize how fantastic it would look in other colors!

Michelle said...

Glad to hear you're treating yourself to making the Rogue! You'll love it.