Friday, November 24, 2006

Ahead By A Head

Not only did I make my self imposed quota yesterday, I exceeded it by a head. An elf head to be exact.

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The elf is by no means finished but I do have more done than I expected. I worked on him diligently for most of the day so that I could reach my goal and still go out in the evening to a spinners and weavers guild meeting.

And look what we have here. Knitting Content! Why yes, those who expect knitterly content on this blog won't be disappointed today. I find the business portion of the guild meetings to be dreadfully long and boring (not the executive's fault, just my personal aversion to that type of thing) so I am very glad that knitting during the meetings is not frowned upon.

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This is the beginning of an eyelet baby hat destined to adorn the noggin' of our first grandchild, due in March. I've done this pattern before when my nieces had their first babies. It's one of my favorites.

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