Thursday, November 23, 2006

An Arm an' a Leg

Yesterday I got the second arm and both legs/boots done.

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Doesn't look like much but it took me all afternoon and all evening. I finished just shortly before going to bed. The new arm is totally 3-D so the backside had to be appliqued too. It's not the applique that takes forever, it's all those sequins (each with a bead centered over the hole). Doesn't look like that many sequins to you? There are 77 on the white trim at the lower edge of Santa's jacket. The white cuff of his right arm? Another 31 sequins!

I worked out a "schedule" last night. If I work most of the day, every day, and get a minimum of 10 more pieces done each day, I will have the stocking complete by Thursday of next week. That's saying other things don't come up that interfere with my available time.

I have a meeting tonight that will cut into my available time significantly. I better get off here and get to work!


Isabelle said...

Oh, believe me, it does look "much". It's lovely. How come you get to stay at home and sew and I have to go and teach people how to use the apostrophe? And you're going to be a granny. Not fair!

kristo said...

wow mom, it just keeps looking better and better! i can't wait til its finished! i'm sure you feel the same, but for different reasons. ;-)

Marlene said...

Isabelle, I give thanks every day that I am able to pursue my interests with gusto. Time is a far more precious thing to me than the extras I might buy with the small wages I could bring in by working outside the home. I am fortunate that I don't have to take a job for the basics like food or shelter. My wonderful husband takes care of that.

Maggie Ann said...

Those sequins make things, you're making an hierloom...hope thats spelled right! I'm not a Santa fan BUT I am a 'Marlene'

Elissa said...

My sister made this, and it turned out lovely. It did, however, take HER six months to do it. Nice (and fast) work!

Marlene said...

Thanks for the encouragement Maggie, especially considering Santa is not your thing.

Elissa, I haven't mentioned that I have had the kit since last January? In all fairness to myself though, I completed a stocking for my son-in-law first. After many months of applique induced burn out I finally had the courage to face another one.