Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Frosty Start

I went stash* diving yesterday and came up with a plastic canvas project that would like to be done in time for the Christmas season. THIS Christmas season......preferably the beginning of the month, not the end.

Say hello to Frosty. Well, what will eventually become Frosty the Snowman anyway.

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Frosty's hat was completed some time before this project was abandoned in the stash* for other, more pressing (or perhaps just more interesting) projects. A small amount of the head was also started. I picked it up again yesterday and the remainder of what you see was accomplished throughout the day and into the evening. That's a LOT of little white stitches folks. Sitting there for hours producing stitch after white stitch had an element of boring to it, but at the same time it was rather relaxing and meditative.

Is anyone else disturbed by Frosty's lack of eyes and a nose? They are stitched separately and added at the end.

* "Stash" around here means so much more than just yarn, needles, and patterns for knitting. No, around here "Stash" requires a room of it's own (and then some) as I also spin, crochet, embroider, sew, weave, needlefelt, cross-stitch..........if it's fiber related I have probably at least tried it, and more than likely I have been obsessed by it for at least a time.


Kim in Oregon said...

thanks for visiting my blog....the 'one for distance, one for close' has been proposed by my eye doc but I honestly can't get my brain around that one. We'll see. I love your work, especially the little stocking. And congrats on becoming a grandparent, you told me how old you were on my blog but you look about 32!

Happy holidays Marlene!

dragon knitter said...

i understand completely. i don't have a room to use for that, but it's ALL over the house, lol. i even have a corner in the basement reserved for crafts that don't fit upstairs

Uli said...

I almost had that same snowman in my stash at one point..... don't know why I nver ordered it but... it's very, very cute though. Hope you can get it finished.

Maggie Ann said...

Marlene, he's adorable! I like plastic canvas. Its pretty and durable and useful. Mom used to do lots of it...I have a good bit she has done for me and am thankful. I've made a few projects in the past too.

PJ said...

Hello Frosty! My stash is very similiar..if only it was one element! HA! no, actually Frosty's lack of eyes and nose doesn't bother me personally...when your complete THEN those are what comes to life. Very cute!

Marlene said...

Thanks Kim. Although greying hair and wrinkles are sneaking up on me, people still occasionally underestimate my age.

Minnie, I have a small bedroom dedicated to storing my craft supplies but I also have more spread about the house. A side table with any current project in the living room. A spinning wheel and it's current project in the family room. A bag of wool in the boot room, a sewing area in my laundry room.....

Uli, perhaps it was because of Mary Maxim's high shipping charges? I only ordered it when I did because I was ordering three Christmas stockings anyway.

Maggie Ann, I'm glad you like him. He should fit between the front door and the storm door better than a wreath.

Pj, I find that people with one fiber related hobby often have several. I can't think of a single person in my spinners and weavers guild that does only one hobby. Many are quite game to try their hand at anything that comes along.

Isabelle said...

I do enjoy seeing all your lovely projects. All I do at the moment is prepare lessons, teach, mark, do housework, take my mum out, and visit my dad in hospital. It's good to see that life holds other things!