Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hat, Head

I managed to complete Santa's head and his hat yesterday.

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I'm working on this stocking pretty much non-stop in an effort to beat a December first deadline. I've done 27 of the 97 applique pieces so far. Nine days left for the remaining 70 pieces.

I just love the 3 dimensional aspects of this project. The pompom on his hat, the leaves on the pompom, the mustache and the belt buckle are all only semi-attached. His eyebrows and and nose are double thicknesses so they appear raised as well. Many of the pieces are lightly padded too.


kristo said...

it's looking really good! i almost feel guilty for picking one with 97 pieces!!! (i say "almost" because it's going to look awesome and i really want it, hehe)

dragon knitter said...

looking good! you can do it!

Marlene said...

It doesn't "look" any more complicated than the other ones Kris, they ALL seem to have a lot more work to them than first meets the eye. It will be interesting to see if the "baby" one is as simple as it first seems.

Thanks Minnie, it's nice to know you haven't abandoned me despite my current lack of knitting content.

lookinout said...

Santa's gorgeous.

Nicole said...

Looks great. Love watching the progress!