Monday, November 27, 2006

Teeny Tiny Stocking

A teeny tiny addition to the larger stocking.

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It actually opens. Do you think Santa could resist popping a small treat in there?

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The fun little addition dangles from Santa's mitten.

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This photo of Shelby in her "Dog's Breakfast Pullover" was taken early yesterday afternoon. The snow kept falling for many hours afterward. Snow in this area of BC is infrequent. Huge dumps of snow are rarer still. Without the crews or equipment to deal with the snowfall, side streets are nearly impassable, schools are closed and authorities are recommending people just stay at home if possible.

Okay, I think I will.


Carrie said...

I love stay-at-home snow days! Your stockings are great. What wonderful attention to detail! And I love the little doggie sweater. Aside from keeping him very warm, he is always beautifully turned out. =)

Michelle said...

I am constantly amazed at all of your talents...quilting, knitting, weaving, sewing, spinning. The stocking is gorgeous.

Look at all of the snow you have! It's been so mild here. Today is 11C. I kinda want the snow, myself. Yeah, I'm nuts. LOL

Sharon in Surrey said...

Oh Yeah . . . stay home!!! Ya gotta be in the Lower Mainland!! I swept off the car 3 times last nite so the doors don't freeze up but I'm not going anywhere today. Stay in & knit!! Or make more of those lovely, lovely Santas!!

Nicole said...

Too cute! I love the mini stocking. And the snow too since I don't expect we'll have any in Virginia for another month or so.

Lauri said...

Your stocking is looking so great! (amazing actually!)

We've been getting lots of snow today here in western Washington too! I hope the dog sweater is warm enough to keep your pup warm.

dragon knitter said...

the stocking is darling.

and i'm glad you got the snow, and not us. it was freezing drizzle last night, but melted off today. i hate snow days. my kids drive me batty! as it was, the battery in my car died, and my husband had to come home nad take liam to school, and decided to take the rest of the day off. after 4 days of working togetherness, i'd had enough, but apparently the gods decided otherwise! oy!

Teresa C said...

We have had the warmest fall ever, no sign of snow at all, I'm envious.

I'm watching the stocking come along and am impressed with your speed. I have been working on the Mary Englebreit teapot ornaments and they are so detailed with so many tiny pieces, they are taking me forever! Maybe next Christmas.....

Marlene said...

Carrie, Shelby's sweater has the added benefit of making her more visible in snow and that visibility is the main reason we put it on her. She doesn't seem much bothered by the cold.

Michelle, ONE day of it was nice but the forced confinement is starting to get to me. I want to go to the gym!

Sharon, yes, I live in Chilliwack. Not much knitting was done but I have finished the stocking.

Nicole, I love the little stocking too. I was thinking that multiples of them would look cute on a Christmas tree or as a garland. (Not crazy enough to do it though.)

Lauri, it's acrylic (for easy washability) not wool, which would be warmer, but Shelby does not seem much bothered by the cold. Usually when she is outside she is quite active and creates her own little internal furnace.

Minnie, not much changes around here on snow days. My kids are all grown so school closures don't change anything. In fact, my son works at a tire shop and put in an exceptionally long day yesterday so we saw even less of him than usual.

Teresa, I think I know which teapot ornaments you mean. They are so cute. One thing I have noticed about the Mary Maxim applique kits is that you don't see from their catelogue/online photos how much detail (and work!) is involved.

Maggie Ann said...

Love your mini-stocking...and your handwork is just perfect as Thats a lot of snow...I'd stay cozy inside too and hope for a quick meltdown. We haven't had any snow yet...just flurries. We are to get wild weather..thunder storms etc. soon though. Shelby looks good in her sweater