Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Paint Chips and Fabric Choices

Our grandbaby-to-be is now known to be a GIRL and the knitting and decorating begins in earnest. I've got something lacey and pink on the needles, as does her Mommy.

The baby's room has been primed and is ready for a coat or two of color. Still waiting on a final decision on that, but it might end up being the one in the paint chip here.

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The curtain fabric has been chosen, it's the printed strip on top. I picked up a few pieces of flannel in colors that coordinate and made three receiving blankets for her.


Michelle said...

Lovely colours for the baby's room. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I chose lavender and white for her room cause it could easily be converted if it "came out a boy, instead." LOL

Dandy said...

Oooo.. a little girl to spoil.. how great!!
all the pretty lacey pink things to knit and buy.
congrats again gramma

dragon knitter said...

lovely colors. that little girl has the world's greatest grandma (just wait til it's my turn, then i'll be the world's greatest grandma, lol). i feel honored that you told me a week ago what the little darling was!

Isabelle said...

Oh, how lovely. Though boys are equally so.

Hope your husband's being careful not to dribble his soup down that splendid garment - we'd call it a jumper on this side of the pond.

Nicole said...

How wonderful! Knowing makes planning SO much easier.

vanessa said...

how exciting!

Maggie Ann said...

How exciting is exactly the words that I thought when I saw your post. Oh sweet baby girl...what a lovely home and adoring hearts that are yours!