Monday, November 20, 2006

Four Hos

The rush is on. I have until December first to get this stocking done. With almost 100 applique pieces, some stuffing, a lot of embroidery and hundreds of sequins and beads to sew on it will take up most of my spare time over the next 11 days. Possibly longer.

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This stocking is for my daughter and she would like to decorate her home for Christmas on the first of December or thereabouts. You may recall that I finished my son-in-law's stocking a while back. I then took a break from appliqued stockings to knit, spin and weave. It seems my break was too long. Aack!


kristo said...

looks good so far. :-)

Nicole said...

'Tis the season! I think many crafters are starting to feel that holiday crunch. Good luck!

dragon knitter said...

humoring the pregnant woman is a good thing, lol. and i know the feeling. the vanilla sock of doom still awaits kitchenering, and the sweater may have to be frogged, because i'm not sure i have enough yarn (my daughter has gained some weight, but no, she's not pregnant, lol!)