Sunday, November 26, 2006

Am I The Last?

I didn't work on the stocking at all yesterday. I was too busy fiddling with my new toy.

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I now have a cell phone. I think I may have been the last hold out on earth. Up until yesterday I didn't have a cellular phone and didn't want one. When asked to answer someone else's phone I would freak out, not knowing how to answer or hang up and passing it off as quickly as possible like it was the object of attention in a game of "Hot Potato".

Well it seems I have now joined the ranks of those "connected". I can be reached even when not at home. Not that this is a big deal for me as I rarely use the phone even at home and I figure most calls can wait. I can wait until I get home to place calls or I can use a pay phone, and those who need to get in touch with me can wait until I am available (at home).

That was my reasoning anyway. Anything to avoid having to deal with the scary new technology (and yet I am comfortable with a computer, go figure!). The reason for my cross over to the "techno-geek side"? A first grandchild on the way. When the time comes I want to be sure I don't miss the big moment because I was "out" and couldn't be reached. The birth of this child marks the moment that two Grandmas, two Grandpas, an Uncle, an Aunt, a couple of Great Grandmas, and a couple of Great Grandpas are created........Oh! and a Mommy and Daddy too!

I also bought this nifty cell phone pouch. When I carry a purse at all it is this small one and there is no room for a phone. The pouch snaps firmly to a strap which quite handily runs right down the side of the purse. For my more frequent non-purse outings it can snap to my belt.

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Anonymous said...

Cell phones are handy. Mine is for driving problems mainly so it's rarely on. Yours will be on all the time.

Marlene said...

Come mid February or so it will certainly be on every time I leave the house Gillian. The baby is not due until mid March. Until then I can practise receiving calls in a calm and collected way. ;-)

Teresa C said...

Heh. I have a cell phone, but I often forget to charge it. When I do remember to charge it, I forget to take it off the charger and take it with me. And when someone tries to convince me that I should have a fancy-schmancy phone that does a huge number of things that I can hardly figure out, I remind everyone that I will still only be using it to receive calls and occasionally make them. Honesty, get my email or bloglines on my phone!? Man!

Rabbitch said...

I don't have one. I guess I'm the last Neanderthal.

Marlene said...

Wow Rabbitch, and I thought I was the last one. With the number of crappy drivers out there, one hand on the phone and one on the wheel (with brain engaged elsewhere) I thought EVERYone but me must own one.

This phone could do all those fancy-schmancy things if I wanted it to Teresa, but it's not something I am interested in, or willing to pay the airtime charges for. Even with those features it is considered a pretty basic phone now. It didn't cost much more than any others of similar quality. One feature I DID want (if it didn't cost too much) and I'm quite enjoying using is a camera feature. It doesn't take top quality pictures, but enough for having a basic album of family pictures and to use as icons for their incoming calls. Heh, heh...the dog gets "HOME" as the kids and husband all have their own phones.

dragon knitter said...

welcome to the 21st century. however, i don't even want a camera on my phone, lol. i've got a camera for that, lol.

Marlene said...

A camera as part of the phone was not something I felt I HAD to have, Minnie, but when I discovered that with or without a camera it was going to cost pretty much the same, I decided to go for it.

It's been fun, if not actually necessary. I can place photos in either of the two LCD screens as "wallpaper", and I can also have pictures of individuals come up when I get a call from them. Not important, but fun anyway.

sopranospinner said...

You will find (or maybe now you won't!) that pay phones are going the way of the dinosaur. I fought the cell phone thing for a LONG time but would suffer without mine now. Remember, you don't have to answer it!

Marlene said...

Soprano, it's nice to have a phone with you if something should happen. When something goes wrong the odds that a pay phone will be near by were never good, and are only getting worse as public phones are removed.