Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fiddliness Factor

These are the hardest things I have ever knit.

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Well, maybe getting the "Feather and Fan Shawl" from "A Gathering Of Lace" started was equally difficult.

I have so much trouble starting a circular item in the middle! It's not that I don't understand what needs to be done, it's the Fiddliness Factor. All those points flying about for so few stitches! These little heads (were you wondering what they were?) start off with just 9 stitches. That's just 3 per needle. Just when you think all is going well a needle falls out or twists around backward.

Normally I knit circularly using one long circular and the Magic Loop technique. Didn't work for this. I then tried wooden skewers. Nope. I finally broke down and bought a set of double points. With those, and a diagram I drew for myself showing the placement of the increases on each needle, I was well on my way. The second and third heads took less time together than the first one did.

After I get a couple more bodies done I'll be able to show you what I'm up to. Oh...and wings. Did I mention wings?


dragon knitter said...


Michelle said...

I felt like I was having a deja vu moment reading this post. I have the same problem starting circular knitting.

Hmmmm, wings? I'm with Dragon Knitter on this one. Angels!

Paula said...

I learned in a lace-knitting workshop with Sandy Terp that those very-pointy-at-both-ends round wooden toothpicks can save your sanity. After a round or two you can switch to regular dpns and off you go.

Nicole said...

Hmm... either angels or a flying snowman. For baby's first Christmas?

Marlene said...

Yes, it will be angels. Very special angels that are busy spinning, weaving and knitting if all goes as planned. I'm making them for the guild's Christmas gift exchange.

I did try toothpicks Paula, but I found them too short to work with comfortably. I also tried wooden skewers but they were larger than the 2mm needles I was working with.