Saturday, December 04, 2004

A Day's Work

From the title you thought I was about to show pictures of some great progress on the Daugava? Nope. I spent the day in other pursuits.

First I blocked my daughter's cardigan. Her gauge changed a little in the process of making it and she was a little unhappy with the fit. I added length and width to the sleeves, straightened the button band and added a little depth to the collar. The collar does not stand up like it shows in the was just a convenient way to block it.

In the afternoon I assembled the wire cubicles for my craft room. [Yes, I am one of the lucky ones who actually has a whole room dedicated to their hobby(s)]. I then unloaded numerous plastic tubs and cardboard boxes, filling the cubbies as neatly as possible and in an organized manner.

Okay, so it doesn't look all that neat, but it IS organized and maybe now I will be able to find the things I knew I had in there somewhere but could never find. The neatness will come later when I find enough pretty lidded baskets to file everything away, organized but out of immediate sight.

The large Rubermaid tubs can now be passed onto my kids who REALLY need to box up some of their "collectibles".

The remainder of my day was spent emptying the last of the Christmas decoration boxes and arranging the mantel. I was going to skip it this year but got too many complaints from the kids.


kristo said...

Your house looks so "Christmassy". I "decorated" my place today but I don't have enough stuff to make it look that good. I will need to look at your blog often to keep my festive mood.

Marlene said...

Give yourself another 25 years or so. It takes awhile to accumulate a huge Christmas collection.