Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Underarm

Leisel asked to see the way the pattern comes together at the seam.

OH DEAR. (Moaned in my very best Eeore voice).

Well Leisel, I was kinda hoping that if I always kept my left arm down I would never have to show that part of the sweater. Now, being one that can't resist a challenge, I will have to photograph THAT part of the sweater. The less than lovely part. The part I would do differently next time......perhaps even with the second sleeve.

Okay, fact of the matter is, I should have handled it different. Up until the main pattern begins it looks GREAT. I managed that by placing all increases evenly spaced around the row and by always keeping them within the plain rows between pattern changes.

Then came the main pattern. Unlike the other motifs, I had to increase within the pattern area. I did this, as you would guess, at the underarm, one increase on each side of the "seam" (not really a seam because it is done in the round). I SHOULD have just left it at that but Noooo, I decided to make the seam a "feature" by knitting the first and last stitches in alternating light and dark. I wish I hadn't. Anyway, what's done is done and I am willing to live with it.

But now you want a photograph? Hmmm. My camera broke. Yeah, that's it. . . . No? Okay, how about if I take a quick picture as I speed by on a galloping horse?! . . . . No?

*Sheesh* You DO realize I will probably have "finding myself naked in public" nightmares for a month after this?!

(I was tempted to make the picture VERY small!)


kristo said...

you are WAY to hard on yourself mom! geez! if i was able to make that i would be showing it off all the time.... ALL of it. even the underarms. (ps. it looks soooo awesome!)

Leisel said...

Thank you :)

I wasn't trying to give you nightmares, honestly.

And, I just wanted to see how the pattern angled together on itself, I wasn't looking to critique your increase or seam style.

And the pattern does come together nicely. Your daughter is right... don't be so hard on yourself.

- Leisel

Michelle said...

Marlene, this is such a beautiful pattern, seam included. You're doing an amazing job!