Saturday, December 11, 2004

Late Night Experimentation

I decided I wanted a tea cozy. I looked through my craft books and patterns and tried a few. Nothing really seemed to work with the scraps I had in my stash so I tried doing my own thing. After several false starts with a knitted cozy, I switched to crochet and eventually created this:

While its not exactly as I would like, it will do for now. Some day when I have less going on I'll actually go out and buy new yarn and make one of the tea cozies from the "Bazaar Novelties" booklet.


arlee said...

i love it!!! Have you ever seen the book "Killer Tea Cosies"?? It'd be right up your alley! Probably out of print now but it was by Raincoast Books in 96--the ISBN is 1-55192-005-0--maybe you can find a copy on Ebay??

More, more, more!!

Marlene said...

Thanks for the recommendation Arlee, I have requested a copy at my local library.