Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas Everyone

Today is going to be a busy one for me as we are having our Big Christmas Dinner today to accommodate family members who must be elsewhere tomorrow. I think it is going to work out quite well as not so much will be happening all on one day. Usually, with the gift exchange, special breakfast, socializing AND dinner all on Christmas day, I am rushing around and too busy to sit for a minute! This year it will be spread out over two days so there just might be more relaxing and enjoying......maybe even some knitting!

For now though, off I must dash, I've a big turkey to stuff and get in the oven. Just wanted to take this moment to wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Maggie Ann said...

Christmas blessings to you and your family also ! We have already done our gift exchange right after Thanksgiving because our daughter is out of state, so we will have a turkey dinner also and just enjoy the specialness of the day. The temperature here is dropping rapidly and I am thankful to be snug at home. Again I would like to recommend for a Christmas blessing. I'm going over there yet this evening to her Christmas section which I love. Merry Christmas !!