Thursday, December 16, 2004

First Sleeve

Here at long last is a photo of the first sleeve of the Daugava.

I finished it up last night and immediately started the second one. The second sleeve is going much faster because I don't have to work out all design elements, increase rates and so forth.

I am using "Lanett" superwash 100% merino. So far, on the first sleeve alone, I have used up one and a half balls of the charcoal and one full ball of the cream. If the "1/3 for the sleeves" rule of thumb holds true, that would mean I will need 9 balls of the charcoal......which is all I have. If it takes more than that I will be in deep ka-ka. It looks like I will have more than enough of the cream though as I also bought 9 balls of that and I will likely only need 6.

Should I panic?

Edit: It's funny the things you notice when you stand back a bit. I was proof reading today's entry when I suddenly noticed an error in the pattern that I hadn't yet corrected! It is the same problem I wrote about yesterday.....I guess I just missed one. Good thing the swiss darning works like a charm.


Leisel said...

It's looking fantastic!

- Leisel

Leisel said...

Oh... one more thing... I would love it if you would show how the pattern comes together at the seam.

erica said...

Wow! That sleeve is absolutely gorgeous! I'm so impressed.

Found your blog through a post on the KR forums. Will definitely be checking back.

My dream is to be able to knit like that some day.