Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Graphing Error

What happens when you make a single error in "coloring" a chart using "Stitch and Motif Maker" but then "copy and paste" that one corner of the graph 4 times to get the whole graph....and then knit from the resulting graph repeating it a multitude of times? Why you get a multitude of errors of course!


I was in a cold medicine induced haze the other night and was staring bleary eyed at the sleeve-in-progress of the Daugava when all of a sudden the errors just "popped" out at me! Once for each chart repeat I have ONE stitch that was miscolored on the graph. Of course the graph repeats several times around the row, and then every 48 rows I repeat the entire graph. At least the mistakes were consistent!

I would have noticed it sooner except that the "error" actually makes sense (sort of) because it occurs right in the center of the motifs and looks like it should be there. The only problem is the OTHER motifs that occur later in the graph do not have this same mistake so they don't match.

It's a teeny, tiny error even if it is repeated a multitude of times. In the very busy pattern it is not that noticeable. (I had to point it out to my husband and tell him exactly what the problem was). He dismissed it with a snort and a wave of his hand. He said I should just leave it.

I am going to fix it.

NO, NO, NO....I am NOT going to frog the whole darn sleeve! The first error was on the very first line of the main pattern. I am NOT about to rip it back that far. If that was the only alternative then the mistake would be left IN!. What I plan to do is to duplicate stitch/Swiss darn over it in the correct color. Out of sight, out of mind......sort of.

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