Saturday, December 25, 2004

In Reverse

My husband and I purchased a scanner for Christmas and I have spent the afternoon installing it and then playing around with images. The photo program that is needed to interact with the scanner is a bit different than the one I had been using before. For one thing, it has a negative-image feature that was kind of fun to play with. I had a chance to see what the Daugava would look like if I had reversed the images. How do you like it with the cream in the background and the charcoal for the foreground?

I like it both ways, but know that a mostly white cardigan would be an impractical thing for me.


Agnes said...

I like the one in white background more.

Rabbitch said...

I think if you ever feel like making it with the white background, that it would be my duty to take care of it for you ...

I'm generous like that *g*