Friday, December 10, 2004

In Danger of Becoming a Baking Blog

My blog has been a little lacking lately in the Knitting/Fiber Arts content. I AM knitting as much as I can, but with all that needs doing in the Christmas season, that is a little less than usual.

My current project, The Daugava, is an elaborate fairisle done in fine fingering yarn. I knit and knit on that project and don't have a lot of progress to show. For those who are interested I am coming close to finishing the first sleeve and will post a picture at that time. It is looking great! I didn't realize HOW great until I slipped the sleeve on and stood in front of a mirror one day. Sometimes you are so close to your project while knitting that you don't realize the impact it has from a distance.

Maggie Ann left a comment here about the doilies in the background of the recent plant pictures. Unfortunately I can't claim credit for those doilies. The large poinsettia doily in the background of the picture of the little poinsettia was made by my mom a few years ago. It has a place of honor on my square coffee table. The little white doily under the African Violet is just a cheapie bought at a dollar store. That one sits on my kitchen table. I refuse to risk my hard work on a doily that is subject to the spills and spots of a messy family dinner table. When the little store bought ones get stained I just throw them out!

I did crochet this one is one of a set of two.

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Maggie Ann said...

Hi Marlene, this doily is a masterpiece. I am admiring it. You are super talented. I have given up on knitting for now because of the gauge problem but admire your knitting instead. My tatting is on hold due to Christmas, speaking of which, I hope yours is blessed. shopping around here in the states seems to be booming, everywhere I've been lately, well except K-mart.