Sunday, December 19, 2004

Famous Last Words

Last night as it approached bed time, I held up my second sleeve of the Daugava to show my husband and said, "Look how much I've done." I was feeling particularly proud of my progress, having done all the border patterns and gotten as far as the 9th row of the main chart pattern.

As I packed up the knitting for the night I realized that I had centered the wrong element in the main design. Grrrrr. I have to frog those 9 rows even though the "innovation" looks BETTER, is easier to work, and makes more sense than the way I did the first sleeve. Now THAT hurts! It has to be done though. Sleeves SHOULD match dont-cha-know?

I've GOT to make more detailed notes! All this grief is because I didn't write down which stitch I started the chart on when doing the first sleeve.

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