Sunday, December 05, 2004

We Can't Go On Like This

My husband and I went Christmas shopping today. The idea was to buy gifts for relatives. We couldn't decide on anything for them but we came home with this:

Not just the african violet, but a pretty ceramic pot for it to live in. We also got this:

It's a small poinsettia jazzed up with a bit of sparkly red glitter and sitting in its own Christmas theme pot. I carried it around while still looking at other arrangements. There were bigger ones, fancier ones, rarer ones, and poinsettias mixed artfully with other plant varieties (ALL more expensive!), but it was this little one that really grabbed me. In fact, I tried to put it down when something else caught my eye, but I just had to go back. It's hard to explain but this plant seemed to exude sadness when I put it down. It was like it was expecting to go home with me and I disappointed it. Kinda like picking up a puppy at the pound, fondling it, loving it, and then saying goodbye. Couldn't be done. I had to come home with this little poinsettia.

It's happy now.


Anonymous said...

The poinsettia does look happy! And African Violets are great. Mine are always flowering and they practically can't be killed, LOL


Maggie Ann said...

I like your flower pictures and the doilys are so pretty. A friend and I are both tatting the same beaded snowflake and enjoying that. It's the first time working with seed beads . I'll bet you made your doilys, they always look so homey. I also enjoy your scenic pictures you take. Aren't digital cameras wonderful!!