Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Second Sleeve Done

Last night I completed the second sleeve of the Daugava. This is one of those rare projects that seem to get MORE interesting and addicting as I go along. Usually I am at the "been there done that" stage by now and am looking forward to finishing and getting on with other things. This one is different. Perhaps it is because there are still lots of puzzles to be worked out.

I sat for quite some time last night with calculator in hand, scribbling notes, erasing them and rewriting them. All in an effort to get past the problem of how to handle BOTH a hem facing AND a front facing while at the same time knitting in the round. Think about it. If I don't do some sort of fancy jog in one facing or another they will overlap and I will have corners that are four layers thick! That won't do!

I think I have it conquered (looks good on paper and in my mind's eye anyway) despite the fact that this cardigan also has a fairisle band that changes direction at center front, going from parallel to the hem, to parallel to the front opening. LOTS of math, visualization and problem solving.

And now I go to cast on.....all 461 stitches for the lower facing. There will be 486 stitches in a round after the facing is knit, the steek stitches are added, and it is joined.

Wish me luck.

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