Saturday, July 03, 2004

Along Came Polly

I rented a movie last night, "Along Came Polly" and quite enjoyed it. Some very funny bits in it that my family could really relate to.

Unfortunately, my son wanted the lights low for "optimum movie viewing" and I couldn't see to knit. *hmpf* I knit less than two rows on the Fairisle Pillow yesterday.......just enough to see that I have made a mistake about 3 rows back. Aargh! I checked the picture of the project posted yesterday and the error is not visible. It was within the next couple of rows. I have decided to leave it as is for now and maybe "Swiss Darn" it later. It is a "consistant error" in that I did the same wrong thing all the way around the row. Maybe it can be a creative "design element" hey?

I came away from the movie with a desire to "think outside the box" and occasionally do something a little differently, not always on automatic pilot, not always picking the safest route. Routines can be comfy but can also sneak up and become mind dulling RUTS.


kristo said...

I loved that movie too. Especially the bathroom scene. hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Patti from "RedVelvetCake" ...Sorry for your posting challenges with typepad. I don't know what the deal is with that. Yes, Grapes of Wrath is an amazing book that gets lost in the shadow of Steinbeck's other masterpiece, East of Eden. The books are totally different. There was a great movie version of the Grapes of Wrath made many years ago. I can't remember who starred. Jack Lemmon maybe? Grapes changed the way I think about poor people...