Sunday, July 11, 2004

Not a single stitch.

Such sadness. I didn't knit a single stitch today. I used up my endurable "sitting time" going to the Harry Potter movie with my daughters. That was more important than getting on with the socks. Hopefully tomorrow the pain in my lower back will have eased up enough that I will be able to sit long enough to finish the socks. I really want to get a picture of them up! I am so happy with the way they are turning out.

The Harry Potter movies (and books) are great for handknit sweaters, scarves and hats. Check out the free pattern for Hogwarts scarves here.


Amanda said...

How did you like the movie? I heard it was great. I can't wait to find the time to go...

Maybe you could join the Harry Potter Knit A-long!

Marlene said...

The movie was great. The fact that I had already read the book and new about the twists and turns of the plot kind of spoiled it though. Still, I don't regret reading the book it was wonderful too.