Saturday, July 24, 2004


Yesterday I had an entertaining afternoon of scrounging around thrift stores looking for yarn bargins. I went to six different places and in half of them came up empty handed. My most common experience was finding a tangled box of little bits of this and that, mostly acrylic and only partial balls. I did however score quite well in an Hospital Auxilary outlet. There was a complete, one pound cone of a nice, 100% cotton yarn. It is bright red, one of my favorite colors, (although perhaps a little on the orange side). It only cost $2 Canadian ($1.50 US).

I have checked through my patterns and also some of the freebies on the internet and it looks like there is easily enough there to make a summer tank top, if not a short sleeved t-shirt style. Now I either have to design a pattern or do some more searching as all the patterns I own have a stitch gauge of only 20 sts over 4 inches and I am getting at least 24 sts before I have a "nice" fabric that drapes well. Maybe that's a good thing though.....if I had found a pattern immediately I probably would have cast on for yet another project without first finishing the ones I already have on the go.

My other bargins were picked up elsewhere. The four balls of DK yarn cost a mere 25 cents (19 cents US!) for the lot and I have enough to make some nice baby things. There are 4 50gm balls, two of which have never been used. I'm a little concerned that maybe the other two have been "cannonballed", but for 25 cents, what the heck? It is Acrylic/Nylon/Viscose in a white with a shiny blue thread and "blobs" of blue running through it. Quite pretty!

The other items in the photo are two 12 oz mugs that I got for 50 cents each (and they are my favorite kind....I already had two at home that I always use....dragging them out of the dishwasher if necessary, even when other mugs are available) and 4 stitch holders and a crochet hook I picked up for a total of 3 cents. How they came up with 3 cents for 5 items is beyond me, but I wasn't complaining. The crochet hook (for picking up dropped stitches) and a couple of the stitch holders are a gift for my daughter, a beginning knitter. Do you think I'll get away without buying her a birthday present? LOL


Anonymous said...

3 cents, wow! I may have to relinquish my Shopping Queen tiara to you. I love thrift store bargains!


kristo said...

no present? what!?!?!? :-) (the daughter)