Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Mini Vacation

We're off this morning for a little mini-vacation. A four hour drive (knitting all the way of course) and then a few days at my sister-in-law's (and another four hour knitting session on the way back). Good thing I have my knitting as I have a low tolerance for car travel.

After finishing up the Eyelet-Cable Tank last night I quickly drafted up plans for a second tank, this one using the red mercerized cotton I got at the bargin price of only $2. It will be my "on the road project" so I had to get it ready. It was no big deal to draft this second pattern as it was virtually a copy of the first, only with a different stitch pattern. I was so happy with the Eyelet-Cable tank that I thought, "Why mess with a good thing?". I did lower the front neckline by one inch though.

I was at the LYS recently and took a look at the going rate for mercerized cottons and found that they ranged from about $5, to over $7 per 50g ball. The $2 cone I picked up at a thrift store has 450g! That would be equal to 9 of those $5-$7 balls. So for $2 I picked up the equivalent of $45 to $63 worth of cotton. Awesome.

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Maureen said...

Hope you had a great mini vacation. Nice job on the is lovely!