Sunday, July 18, 2004

One down, three to go.

I finished the back of the Bed and Breakfast pullover last night. For a while I had toyed with the idea of making that piece the front, (a difference only of where the neckline starts). The reason being that the front named specific rows to be at when you reached the neckline. My row gauge is a bit off so I thought it would be easier to make the front first and then knit the back to match.
With only a few inches to go on the piece I saw a mistake WAY down at the beginning, *sigh* where I was just getting the hang of how the cables crossed. It is even (in that I  did both affected cables the same way)  and it is positioned where the cable pattern changes from one style to the other, making it look somewhat like a "design feature" rather than an obvious error. While it is not glaringly obvious, it does annoy me now that I know it is there so I decided that I would make that first piece the back, where it is less likely to be noticed by anyone but me. (Although here I am displaying my mistakes for all the knitting world to see!)
I checked back on the first picture I posted of the project and YUP, there it is, the mistake staring at me in all its glory. I have added text arrows to the picture and reposted it here to show you where the "design feature" is situated, (both cables at that level NOT crossed) and how the cable crossing should look.

So today, somewhat deflated, I will start on the front piece.


kristo said...

aw, don't worry about it mom, it still looks awesome. :-)

Anonymous said...

looks cool to me, from knitter's review