Wednesday, July 21, 2004

ZOOMing along.

Knitting away at break neck speed for four straight hours netted me a whole 3 inches. Aargh. That works out to a piddlin'  three quarters of an inch per hour! I placed a pin as a marker so I would be able to see exactly how far I was able to get in one evening.

The answer was: NOT FAR. Looks like I have many days of work left yet. This could be good or bad depending on one's perspective. On the good side, I am getting a lot of knitting in per $$ spent on supplies. On the bad side, summer could be almost over before I am able to wear the tank top.

My husband figures that 8 cups of blueberries in the fridge must mean he gets TWO pies. Aw well, he IS the world's best husband so I guess I can indulge him.



Maureen said...

I hear you Marlene... Three hours on my poncho last night and barely any progress. I could use a 60 inch circular I think. Those pies and bread look YUMMY!!!!

caramelknits said...


I feel your pain about not being able to wear things in the season they were intended, but you could always wear it as a shell under a jacket in the fall. It's going to be beautiful!

Kimberly said...

The pies look yummy and I love the stitch pattern in the tank. It's going to be really pretty.
If you don't get as much wear out of it this summer, you could always wear it as a shell under a suit during the fall.

Maggie Ann said...

You are so talented, and I enjoy your blog. I think the pictures of your baking give a nice touch of home and inspire the rest of us to get busy in the kitchen to make hubby a treat. A friend just gave me a wonderful recipe for biscotti. Hoping to make it yet this week. Sorry to hear about the damage to your knitting.

Stephanie said...

A knitter who bakes (and photographs what she bakes, especially when there are no development fees)! Hey, we have something in common. Will certainly visit your blog regularly!

Marlene said...

The pies WERE really yummy. Quite tart blueberry pies they were. They are gone are both banana breads! Home baking doesn't last long around here. That's why I make at least two of everything.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement about the tank top. I hadn't thought about wearing it under warmer jackets and things.

Anonymous said...

Okay okay, I can't take it, We've been home here for over a week now and I have yet to get back into knitting or sewing or?? Plus I have not baked a thing! But that's it, your pies have hopefully inspired me as I have promised Mike a pie for a while now! That is maddening about the silverfish, another reason to hate bugs! Anne