Sunday, July 25, 2004

Up to the pits.

Last night I reached the armpits on the front piece of the Eyelet-Cable tank top. Actually, I knit one row too far and had to "tink" that row out! Of course that just happened to be the more complicated row involving sl 1, k 2, psso. >:-[

Today I plan to get the first few rows of armhole shaping done and then seam it to the back so that I can try it on. I am a little unsure of the length. I think I made the back, from the armhole shaping up, too short. In this stretchy rib pattern the length seems to be a product of how far the fabric is required to stretch width-wise. I got radically different length measurements depending upon whether or not I stretched the piece width-wise. I am hoping I won't have to redo part of the back piece.

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