Monday, July 26, 2004

It fits, it fits!

As planned I got the side seams of the Eyelet-Cable tank sewn and then tried it on. It is fanTABulous! I love it, love it, love it! Just the motivation I needed to get zooming along on this on again, off again project. I am nearly to the neckline of the front and of course, once the center stitches of the neckline are cast off it will go much faster. As I suspected, it looks like the back will be a little too short, but it is just a matter of taking out the shoulder short row shaping and knitting another inch or so. I will leave it for now, just to be sure, and will double check when I have the front completed.

I don't think I have quite enough knitting time left to finish the tank before a short road trip planned for Wednesday......but I am going to try. I really want to wear it.

With the great success of the Eyelet-Cable tank, I will likely use the same measurements but a different gauge and stitch pattern to generate a pattern to use with the new, thrift store bargin, red cotton. And once again the Bed and Breakfast Pullover gets shoved further down the line.

Eileen, in answer to your comment, I haven't done much on the Bed and Breakfast Pullover for a while now. I have the back complete and the front started (about 3 inches done) and there it sits. I keep shoving it to the back burner as other, more summer friendly, projects come to the forefront. It WILL be done by fall though, rest assured. I love knitting it, but want to knit up my summer weight projects first. The Bed and Breakfast Pullover is going to be a HOT one. Probably too hot for me to wear comfortably even in winter. I am knitting it more for the challenge than anything.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding Marlene. BTW, I'd love to see a picture of the eyelet-cable tank. I'm glad it fits so far.