Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The next step.

It took me hours and hours to "fix" the problem with my camera program. Uninstalling and reinstalling the program did not correct anything. Running an antivirus and "clean-up" program only partially fixed it. I THINK the problem MAY have been with a photo download device called "Dazzle". When I reinstalled THAT program I got further improvement. The problem is NOT completely fixed but at least I can now download photos from my camera and get them posted here.

Sewing.....ewww....yuck! I used to love sewing but some high stress Fashion Design courses I took in college effectively put a halt to THAT obsession! From that time on, sewing and STRESS have become linked forever in my mind! Sometimes though it is a necessary evil and I am glad I still have my old clunker of a sewing machine. (1978 Kenmore) Anyway, this was the next step in the Mystery Project.......formerly a 1/4 finished Fairisle Pillow. Now reassigned to? Tune in tomorrow when more photos follow.


Kimberly said...

Marlene, you have beautiful projects. I love the tank you designed yourself!
You chose great colors for your project too!

Anonymous said...

Can't remember if I've commented here or not, but anyway- your projects are lovely!
But what is this complaining about your fine-gauge projects, eh? ;-) Remember your system....
-Sarah Eliz.