Wednesday, July 07, 2004

As the heel turns.

Feeling way down today and not sure quite why. Perhaps it is because I stayed up late last night diligently turning a heel for a sock and then ended up frogging it. >:-Z Nothing quite like a good frog session to turn one's mood sour.

I have made socks before. I have turned heels before. Why is this one a problem? Because I have very little experience knitting socks from the top down. In fact, I believe I have only done it ONCE before and that was with line-by-line instructions. Most of my socks are done toe-up, my prefered method. I decided that there are more patterns knit top-down so I should give it a try. Not a good idea.

The "pattern" I was using is more of a commentary on HOW to knit socks than it is a line-by-line instruction.....which is good, for I am learning more about the whys and wherefores of the actual construction, but it is also bad in that I don't know what I am misunderstanding. Check out the site here.

Research I guess. I will look through my old (make that ancient) pattern books and see how they turn a heel and how my chosen "commentary" differs and/or is similar. *sigh* I'd rather knit than research.

Too many plain ol' text entries in a row get kind of boring so I thought I'd reach way back into past projects and show off a doily I made last summer. The cable-rib tank top I am making (see WIP entry 6/30/2004) is from the same knit/crochet thread.

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Pam said...

Nice doily. Socks! I hate heels, but I love knitting socks. I finally started making tube socks. lol