Friday, July 09, 2004

Exercise Bike

This is my new "knitting chair" that will help me improve my health while at the same time knitting and/or watching TV.

With all the sitting and knitting I have been doing I have been concerned about how little exercise I have been getting. My prefered form of exercise, long walks, have been out of the question for over a year because of a persistant foot problem. My gym membership at Curves eventually languished in dis-use, and I was desperate to find something else more suited to my personality.

I was in Sears yesterday and came apon a warehouse clearance sale and got this awesome exercise bike for only $113 Canadian.....that's only about $85 US! It's not a fancy bike, but it will do the trick. I love the small doesn't take over the whole room. I also love how QUIET it is (yes....I DO mean while it is being used!). We have oscilating fans that make more noise than it does. With this style, feet ahead of seat, I should be able to knit without getting the yarn tangled in the peddles.

Slimmer hips, here I come!

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Pam said...

Nice setup! I noticed you already have your basket of yarn in it's rightful spot. ;)