Sunday, July 04, 2004

Creative redirections?

I am a little unhappy with the Fairisle Pillow. I think it looks lovely as is, but I'm having second thoughts about its' suitability for our living room. There just seems to be too much red in it.

The color selection of the yarn I wanted to use was quite limited and I ended up with only 5 different colors. 4 were perfect, the fifth was a compromise that I felt I could live with. Well, it turns out that while 5 colors are "do-able" for the fairisle pattern, they are very limiting. With such a small color selection the deep red is required to repeat far too often for my liking. The resulting fabric is way too red dominate for the "cognac" coloring of the leather love-seat the pillow was destined for.

I already have a LOT of knitting done on this pillow (measured by hours NOT inches) and I am loathe to frog it all. Besides, with fairisle you end up with just a bunch of short pieces of yarn if you frog. I am thinking of reusing the knitting in what I am calling a "creative redirection". The new destiny for the finished knitting? I'm not telling. You will have to come back for a further update. I promise to post a picture IF I am successful. Hint: This will not be a BAG or anything else rectangular!

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