Thursday, July 22, 2004

A lady flew in.

I was visiting Stephanie's blog and had commented on her beautiful Ladybug afghan when thwap! a ladybug landed on the speaker beside my computer. It stayed quite a while so of course I had to take her picture! (Perhaps the lady was a male....I'm not up on my bug gendering).


Stephanie said...

Marlene, I am phenomonally (sp?) impressed that you got that ladybug and so clearly too! What kind of digital cam do you have? I need to get a new one (I have a cheapie model good enough for Ebay and that's it) later this year and I want one THAT good!
Thanks! Stephanie...BTW, glad you enjoyed the ladybug afghan. I hope to include progress photos soon, but we can't get the software to speak to new computer yet.

Marlene said...

I have a Canon PowerShot S330. It is several years old now and Canon has better cameras available for less money than I paid for mine. (Same sort of problem as when you buy a computer.....they get better and the price goes down after you buy).

When deciding which camera to buy look for high resolution and optical zoom capabilities. After that the most important thing to look at (in my opinion) is what type of battery it uses. Run, do not walk from any digital camera that uses AA batteries! These cameras use a LOT of power and you need not one, but two battery packs. One in the camera and a spare so that you can can be recharging at the same time.

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Marlene, I visit your blog frequently and love your knitting. I am wondering if you could shed any light on how in the world I can get a counter and stuff in my sidebar. I have the same template you do, and have copied and pasted under the last of the sidebar html (of course I don't have a clue where to paste it or what I am doing wrong, actually) but....I keep trying on a 2nd (practise) blog and its not working. Any ideas at all would be appreciated in a big way.